The hype surrounding Pokemon Go has been intense and well-deserved. It provides hours of entertainment for both gamers and non-gamers, as well as a healthy dose exercise for those who are looking to get in some serious workout. It also allows us to relive our childhood memories, which we can do from a personal perspective, since it lets us relive those first Game Boy games.

We’ll be sharing five tips that will enhance your gaming experience. These tips will show you how to get the most out your incense and attract more Pokemon to you. They also include where to find the best water pokemon go account for sale in any particular area.

How to Get the Most Out of Incense?

You’ve probably been playing Pokemon Go for some time now and you know that incense can make a big difference. Strategically placing incense around your home can attract more Pokemon. There are a few tricks that can increase the chances of your Pokemons finding incense near you. You can use an anti-theft device to hide incense where it won’t be seen.

Which are the Best Water Pokemons in the World?

Water Pokemon are the most popular to catch when you do water-related activities. Because some of the most powerful water Pokemon, like Squirtle, require a lot experience points to level up. If you want to quickly level up in Pokemon GO, you should try to catch a Squirtle whenever you see one. People think of Pokemon GO when they see Pokemon in nearby rivers and lakes.

Are Razz Berries Important?

The most popular item in Pokemon GO is the Razz Berry. Who wouldn’t want to catch strong Pokemon? Be careful not to use them all in one go. Razz Berry is useful for helping you catch wild Pokemon that are about to escape. It makes it easier to throw Pokeballs and make it look like they’re on the verge of escaping. You can catch more difficult-to-catch Pokemon later on in the game by acquiring better Pokeballs or Razz Berries.

Does it really hold true that Pokemons appear at different times?

You’ve probably been playing pokemon go account for sale for some time now and you know that different types appear at different times of the day. Some Pokemon have better chances of appearing depending on their time block. Nearly all fighting-type and normal Pokemons are more likely to appear in the morning (3 AM – 5AM). Water-type Pokemon can always be found in rivers and lakes during the day as well as at night. How to Find the Best Places to Catch Water Pokemon

Although this location is popular for water-type Pokemon it’s not the only one. Some are more likely to be found within different types of water. Many people are aware that Magikarp is a common water type.


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