Many people have misconceptions about Pokemon Go. The game isn’t just about finding pokemon hidden in the wild, but it also allows players to explore the natural world and capture them. This article will help you conquer the game.

This article will not only provide strategies to help you fight your way through the addictive mobile game but also give advice on whether or not you should bother playing. Pokemon Go is a game that requires strategy. However, you will need to be able to identify what works for you based on your particular situation. To have better experiences, you can get the pokemon go account for sale.

  • Pokemon Encounter –

The ability to find Pokemon is the key factor in the game. You might not be able to find a high-level pokemon if you are in an area that doesn’t have them. You may have been out of your comfort zone in order to find rare Pokemon as you walked through West Los Angeles’ residential neighborhoods. It was difficult to find rare Pokemon in the city because it was so crowded with people using the app. You will eventually find a rare Pokemon along Cahuenga Boulevard. However, it doesn’t really matter if the Pokemon is “rare” or not, if you don’t see them, it won’t matter.

  • Capturing Gyms –

Because they allow players to battle rare Pokemon of other players, gyms are vital. The next section will cover battles, so it is important to be familiar with this information before you start reading this guide. It’s also a great way to get potions and stardust, which will help you level up your team. Gyms are useless once you reach level 5. They do not allow players experience.

  • Battling in Gyms –

Talking of battles, this game does not allow you to PvP until level five. They can then participate in 1v1 real-time battles lasting around ten seconds. Two rules govern how you battle. The first player to arrive at a gym has the right of challenging other players. If a player loses in a battle, they lose control over the gym and their Pokemon. If you lose a battle with one of your Pokemon, you will lose control of the gym. Your challenger will also lose control.

  • Eggs: Learn More –

Two eggs are available in Pokemon Go: 2km eggs or 5km eggs. Walking for eight kilometers is enough to hatch eggs. You can walk for as little as 15 km to hatch a 2km egg, while a 5km egg will require you to walk for 20 km. If an egg is hatched, players won’t receive stardust or experience points.

These aspects will help you to understand the importance of different elements when playing Pokemon Go. You should consider purchasing the pokemon go account for sale to get all the benefits without any difficulty while playing this game.


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