Online slot game tournaments are the highest-ranking tournaments among all the tournaments of different games. This article on online slot games will talk about some famous and common tournaments. The basic knowledge about these online slot game tournaments can enhance customers’ games and help them win the tournament.

Some of these tournaments are

Free roll tournaments

There is no cash or a fixed money prize in this type of tournament. Instead, free spins are given to the customers who win this free roll tournament, and the customer can use these free spins to make extra money without speeding single bug money. These free spins can be upto 50 times also.

Guaranty tournament

We all know that there is nothing like a guarantee in betting, but in this tournament, each customer who has participated in the contest or the match has the promise of winning at least a single prize. Only some online slot game holds this tournament. The tips in these tournaments are not worthy. These tournaments are just to make happy their old customers.

Scheduled tournaments

Scheduled tournaments are big tournaments that are highly advertised before they are held. The prize money in these tournaments is very high. Because the customer participating in these tournaments are at a large scale, the amount the website has taken from the customers as an entry fee is also added to the jackpot .therefore, the amount of the bank also increased gradually.

Sit and go tournament.

Sit-and-go tournament is limited for some players and not available for all. In addition, the customers have to pay some amount of money as an admission fee to take part in the tournament. This money is added to the jackpot in the same strategy of scheduling tournaments. Sometimes the website chooses the players randomly, and only these players are allowed to participate in the game. This is one of the famous tournament on , a well reputed online betting platform.

One-shot tournament

The tournament is available with the entire risk and prize money .in this tournament, any new or old player can take part and place a bet. But the players have only one chance of betting. An effective bet by the player can change his fortune. All the re-buys and add-ons are absent in this tournament.

VIP tournaments

These tournaments are only for the unique and reputed players; not everyone can take part in these tournaments, there can be fees, or it can be free for the VIP players to participate in the games. Usually, the prize money for these tournaments is relatively high.


These tournaments help increase the web site’s popularity and make goodwill in the market. However, some websites are present on the internet that cheats the customer in different ways attracting them with fake advertisements for tournaments and discount. The customer should check the authorized license of the online slot website before making an account. The customer should not share his personal information with any online slot websites without this.


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