We come across so many games nowadays. But what if we get to know about a game that enables us to use our skills in earning money. Poker is one such game. It is the most suitable game for the one who has a combination of luck and skills at the same time.

Poker refers to a game that consists of 52 cards. This is what is known to us as a deck of cards or normal set of cards. It is a kind of gambling which not only involves not only luck but also your skills.

How is this game played?

In this game, what players need to do is make bets against each other on betist. The value of these bets depend upon the value of the cards they hold. Bets are usually made with chips made of plastic or ceramic disc. They can also be made with real money. But the chips are easy to handle. When the game ends, the number of chips one holds determines the order of winners.

Its Types:

  • Draw Poker: It is the simplest kind of game one will ever come across. It is also the idea behind many video games that we play related to this game. Players need to choose their cards from the deck of cards. They should hold them in such a way that they should be hidden from the opponents. If after all the rounds, 2 players tend to remain in the game, then a draw round is to be played.
  • Stud Poker: In this, there will be a set of cards revealed and a set which won’t. There’s no such rule of one person making bets in all rounds. The first bet can be made by any player in any round. The quality of the game depends largely on the number of betting rounds. The game with fewer rounds fits well with any structure.

Basic Idea Behind It

The game may come with a lot of variants, but the core idea still remains the same. The rules of the game don’t change, no matter where you play it. The initial bet can be placed by any player before the dealing of the cards starts or takes place. Like most of the card games that we come across, the rules are quite similar to them. The deck of cards is first shuffled and then distributed among the players.


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